I was reading a report of the journal of IAGS.  I confronted a column, and interestingly, ISIS is on stage of uprooting due to Russia led Syria-Iran coalition and Western-Arab coalition. Now, just sharing the column as-

International attention has been focused on military confrontation in Syria and Iraq, where a Western- Arab coalition and Russia led  Syria-Iran coalition are cutting down the infrastructure of ISIS. The Russian military operation is strengthening the Assad’s overall position while bringing rebel forces and ISIS to the point of defeat. Meanwhile, a new Islamic extremist front has emerged; North Africa is on the bank of disaster. While the West and Russia have focused on Syria after initial military successes in Iraq, it looks as if the world has forgotten to pay attention to the ongoing military build-up of extremist forces in Libya.

It is like vicinity of collapse. Today all we have an international agenda  i.e ISIS. every country looking for collapse of ISIS. According to IAGS, rebel forces and ISIS comes to the position of defeat. surprisingly, It is not end. another extremist came into existence in Libya. This led to the major concern for EU.

Libya rivals battles for key oil production area:-

Extremist militias on Friday attacked Libya’s main oil-production area in the east, prompting the forces of strongman Khalifa Haftar who control it to retaliate with air strikes, military sources said.

The attack was spearheaded by the Benghazi Defense Brigades, a coalition of mostly extremist militias and armed groups, and was backed by tribal fighters and former petroleum installation guards.

They “advanced towards the oil crescent and are 15 kilometers (nine miles) south of the town of Nofliya,” said Colonel Moftah al-Megarief, who heads an oil facilities guard controlled by Haftar.

EU shows the concern about it. and see what comes next…..

see u.. soon…


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