“Come out of the masses. stand alone like a lion and live life according to your own light.”  – OSHO

         “Martial art is not about fighting, it’s about building charecter.”       – Bo Bennelt

                  Martial arts are the parts of Indian culture and a traditional games. Originally a traditional forms of martial arts that started in south India,and now it has different forms/names in different regions of India. Khusti the Indian wrestling is also a part of the Indian martial arts found throughout India. Indian martial arts have important influence on the development of modern Asian martial art.


      BANDESH                                                                                      It is one of the ancient Indian martial arts form.It is basically collection or martial or techniques mainly used to disarm and defeat an armed opponent without taking his life. Bandesh can also be regarded as an empty-handed combat technique. Weapons like Draggers, Swords, Long staff etc. in the competition .


Gatka is weapon-based Indian martial art basically created by Sikhs. There are many weapons used in Gatka like stick, Talwar, Kirpan and Kataar. The attacking and defensive method are based on the position of the hand, feet and nature of the weapons used. It is also displayed on the celebrations and fairs                                                                          in Punjab.


Kalaripayattu is a traditioal form of martial arts which was said to be practiced by Bodhidharman. It was developed into the present formin the 6th century and is today quite popular among people. Kalarippayattu is very different form of one might expect from Asian and western martial arts. One unique feature is the nature of training facility,The Kolthari, Kalarippayattu training has essentially four levels:-                                                                            Meithari, Kolthari,Ankathari and verumkai.

download-4PARI-KHANDA                                                                          Pari-khanda style of sword and shield fighting from Bihar. This art is created by the Rajputs. Pri-khanda steps and techniques are also used in chau dance.


Kashmir is the father of the Sqay martial arts.The Kashmiris have their own form of Sqay martial art. This art is south Asian martial art which originated in state of Kashmir. many techniques are used in Sqay art like chops, punches, locks and kicks etc.



India is a land of inventions. Martial arts are one of them.Martial arts were developed in south India. Even it  is the product of our ancient culture and tradition, we give less importance due to involvement of new technology in our daily life. Still we can see most in rural areas of India.Some of these also included in Olympics.


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